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  • Door Mats Indoor: Keep Your Home Elegant and Spotlessly Clean

    door mats indoorDoor mats indoor provide a warm and cheerful welcome to people arriving at your home.  They also serve a practical purpose.  They can scrub away dirt, mud and snow from footwear.  Inside the house, door mats indoor can spice up a room.  Mats and accent rugs indoors can beautify your home in an inexpensive way.

    We are used to seeing mats just outside the front door and some people may think it strange to find a door mat indoor.  Just imagine stepping into a house and the first thing you see is a mat inside the front door.  But if you think about it, having a door mat indoor in the entry way is a good idea.  It gives people a chance to wipe their footwear a second time and get them really clean.  That way, they’ll track less dirt and mud inside the house.

    Your beautiful floor will stay clean longer.

    Decorative Mats

    decorative door mats indoorDoormats are practical and functional but they also serve to beautify your home.  Using these door mats indoor is primarily for decoration.  Everyone knows that an attractive mat positioned strategically will perk up a room.  You can have a collection of mats with a variety of pretty designs.  Simply change the indoor mats and give your home a new look.

    You’ll find door mats indoor with seasonal or holiday designs.  Let your indoor door mats reflect the changing seasons.  You can use different ones for spring, summer, fall and winter.  It would be nice to do the same with your outdoor mat too.  And don’t forget to have a special decorative one indoors for Halloween or Christmas.

    Some people like to have one in front of the bathroom door or powder room door.  Again the purpose here is primarily decorative, and to indicate where the bathroom is.

    Decorative door mats indoor can hide bad spots on the floor.  Fixing the floor may cost you hundreds of dollars but for $20 or $30 you can have an elegant mat to cover up the eyesore.  Don’t forget, there are numerous designs to choose from.  And if nothing suits your fancy, you can always order personalized door mats indoor for use inside your home.

    Rubber Mats for Indoor Use

    rubber door mats indoorIf functionality is important to you, a rubber mat should be your first choice for indoor use.  Rubber doormats are durable and easy to keep clean.  Rubber doormats will also keep the floors inside your house clean.

    Door mats made of rubber are ideal for indoor use because they are slip-resistant.  Non-slip door mats provide safety indoors especially in wet areas.  Indoors, the kitchen is one area where a rubber door mat with non-slip features will come in handy.  Grease and water on the floor makes the kitchen environment very slippery.  A non-slip rubber mat will help keep your family safe indoors.

    Rubber doormats are mold and mildew-resistant.  They are durable but lightweight.  Rubber door mats indoor will protect the floor while keeping it clean.

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  • How to Maintain Waterhog Door mats

    Waterhog Door Mats styleWaterhog door mats are the most popular floor mats in the industry today because of its highly effective features that keeps water and soil from entering the facility. It has been designed to weather harsh conditions along heavy traffic areas. Designed non-slip, durable and can be drainable. Waterhog mats have those unique features that no other entrance doormat has which is extremely aggressive in trapping dirt, water and soil.

    Waterhog door mats have been well known among commercial establishment and since then had been available for home applications too. National Floor Safety Institute certified waterhogs door mats as slip-resistant.

    Waterhog door mats are known to have high groove in the face fabric to be able to trap the dirt and water from the person’s shoes. That is why the dirt and water stays in between the ridges of the waterhog mats when stepped on. Waterhog mats also have a heavy rubber backing that ensures not curling or cracking under extreme conditions. Underneath waterhog mats has suction rubber to keep it in place even when damp or soaking wet and rubber dam border to keep the water in and not spill it out on the floor.

    For the stated reasons alone about the unique features of waterhog mats, you would think that it might be hard to clean and Waterhog Door Matsmaintain. Well not so. Because the enumerated unique features of waterhog mats are the actual reasons why it is so easy to clean and maintain.

    Should your waterhog door mats becomes filled with sludge or water, just rinse it with water using a hose to remove the dirt and hang to dry. Or you could vacuum the dirt and rinse it then hang to dry. Waterhog door mats are so easy to clean, maintain, and last longer than any other entrance doormats in the market today.

    So don’t think twice now that you know. Get yourself one of those durable, heavy duty waterhog mats; after all, they are so easy to clean.


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  • Features to Look for when Choosing Good Waterhog Entrance Mats

    Waterhog Entrance Mats designOn an extremely rainy day, you practically walk-run into the doorway of your house with your shoes soaked in rain. You stepped into your entrance doormat and stopped. You noticed that it is one of the waterhog entrance mats and you breathe a sigh of relief.

    The scenario is common among the many homes and commercial buildings, which utilizes waterhog entrance mats. Entrance mats of this kind are the most heavy duty doormats in the market today. It has become popular due to its benefits and versatility that manufacturing companies are coming out with their own version and designs to further enhance its effectiveness. Waterhog mats are so named because of its extra ability to drain off water as it is stepped on. There are many models in the market but to choose the best quality, here are a few tips:

    1. Choose fabric surface waterhog mats that has a higher pile height to the groove. The regular waterhog mat has ½ of an inch grain height so a figure higher than that is better in trapping the moisture and water.
    2. Choose waterhog mats that have heavier face fabric. This means the waterhog mat can absorb greater water and dirt than the ones that has thin face fabrics.Waterhog Entrance Mats
    3. Choose waterhog entrance mats that has opposing groove. This means that the opposing groove is so designed to work together collecting the dirt and water effectively as a person steps on the waterhog mat. The water will be collected around the ridge areas and scraped from the bottom of the person’s shoes as well as soil and dirt trapped from entering your home.
    4. Choose a heavier waterhog mat to avoid being slippery when it has become slightly wet.
    5. Choose waterhog entrance mats with a heavier rubber backing that will not crack. If possible, choose the ones with recycled rubber backing to also help the environment.

    Waterhog entrance mats may not be cheapest product therefore it is just practical to spend your money’s worth by getting the best specifications you can get from your dealer.

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  • Waterhog Rugs – Affordable, Long-lasting, and Efficient

    Waterhog RugsWaterhog rugs are recommended items for people who want affordable yet effective rugs. These rugs are available in a variety of colors, patterns, and sizes to suit the preferences of buyers. You can find large ones and small ones in stores. If you buy Waterhog rugs, you will no longer need to worry about getting mud, snow, or water on your floor. These things will absorb the water from your shoes, so you will not leave any nasty tracks on the floor or carpet. Hence, you will be able to save money on carpet cleaning and housekeeping.

    Waterhog rugs can also trap sand and dirt particles; so your shoes will be cleaned when you enter your home. They are made from 100% polypropylene and are reinforced with UV-stabilized face yarn. They will not rot, and you can expect them to resist mold and mildew. best Waterhog RugsWaterhog rugs can also resist crushing as well as handle heavy foot traffic. It does not matter how many people step on them, they will retain their appearance, color, and quality. This makes them perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. They are attractive yet tough.

    In addition, Waterhog rugs are anti-static; so, you can safely use them in your computer room or living room. They can handle a maximum voltage of 1.6K. There is also no need to worry about slipping or falling off, especially when you have little children in the house. These rugs stay firmly in place. Buying Waterhog rugs will really make your life more convenient. They are so absorbent, you will not have a hard time cleaning or mopping your floor. Each time you need to clean them, you can just hose them off or use a vacuum cleaner. They are also long-lasting, so you do not have to buy a replacement rug immediately.



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  • Benefits of Using the Waterhog Doormat

    Waterhog DoormatIf you are in search of a rubber doormat that can last for a long period of time, you should try the Waterhog doormat. It has a crush-proof waffle design and rubber-reinforced face nubs that can trap water and dirt; thus, keeping your floor clean. It can also help you save on carpet cleaning because it can help prevent dirt particles from being transferred from the ground to the carpet. Each time you step on them, your shoes will be cleaned and dry. The Waterhog doormat is a perfect addition to your home. You can actually use it indoors or outdoors.

    The Waterhog doormat is made of 100% polypropylene, a quick-drying fabric that does not fade or rot. It also has an anti-static property and can even withstand up to 1.6K of voltage. Do not worry because the Waterhog doormat is safe and easy to use. In fact, it has met the IBM’s standard Waterhog Doormat designfor electrical resistance. So, you can freely use it around electronic gadgets and appliances. It is actually ideal for computer rooms. Its flat backing can minimize movement on any surface. It can also hold up to one and a half gallons of water per square yard.

    You can purchase the Waterhog doormat online if you have a busy schedule. It is available in different sizes and patterns to suit your needs. It is also available in various colors; but if you want to conceal dirt, you may choose one in charcoal. You may also delight in its fabric border that is not only fashionable, but also allows water to easily drain off. The Waterhog doormat is a must-have for every homeowner who wants to keep her flooring neat and clean. This doormat is so effective, that you will not neglect buying it. It can efficiently keep mud, water, or snow off your floors and carpets.




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  • Waterhog Mats – A Must Have in Every Home!

    waterhog matsOne of the most important components of the home interior design is floor mats. There are different floor mats with different functions and one of the most important type that everyone should have at home are waterhog mats.

    Waterhog mats are floor mats that are placed in front of the door to prevent dust and other dirt from entering the home or room. This is very good for people that have kids in the house and people who have dust allergies. You often see these rugs at the mall or store entrance. They use it to cut down from cleaning costs and duties.

    Many people disregard waterhog mats because they think it’s ugly as they see it mostly on public places. However, there are waterhog mats with nice designs that are perfect for your home. These mats are very helpful in keeping away unwanted dirt in your home and it will definitely help in cutting down your cleaning duties.

    Waterhog mats are often made from coarse polypropylene material and nylon. These mats are heavy duty and lasts long. These rugs are mildew and stain resistant which will let you use them for a long period of time without heavy cleaning. Most waterhog mats are designed to become odor free even after long time of use.

    rubber waterhog matsWith the size and tight weave of these rugs, you might think it is very hard to maintain and clean but that is wrong. In fact, these rugs are very easy to clean and dry as well. You can vacuum these mats regularly to remove dust and dirt from everyday use. When you think it is time to clean it thoroughly, you can just hose water, brush a little with mild detergent or cleaning shampoo, and hang to dry. Very fast and easy job.

    If you are looking for waterhog mats for your home, you will choose from a variety of designs. You can choose from different sizes, shapes, textures, colors, and designs that will look good in your door step. There are many waterhog mats available in department stores and you can also find them online.

    Things to consider when buying waterhog mats…

    customized waterhog matsOne of the things that you should consider when buying waterhog mats is its design. Of course you may want something that would look nice and welcoming in your doorstep, right? There are stores that offer customizable waterhog mats too where you can add a name or welcome note to make it unique and very welcoming.

    Also consider the materials which the mat was made of. The best waterhog mats are the ones made from polypropylene and nylon. However, you can be more eco friendly with mats that are made from natural and recycled materials. Do not worry, the quality of these mats are still the same as those were made with polypropylene and nylon.

    If you want your home to always stay clean from dirt and dust, waterhog mats are definitely useful. These mats can also add up as designs in your door front and would make your home look more welcoming and sophisticated.

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  • How to Buy Indoor Doormats That’s Right for You


    Indoor Doormats designDoor mats, they are the first to greet you when you enter a place. You can see them both outside and inside the door just after the entryway. They are designed to be stepped on that is why doormats are meant to be durable and hard working. Because of such high demand for durability, doormats have emerged not only to deliver its usual function but more so now that it can also enhance the over-all design of a given place.

    Indoor doormats was originally made from materials such as coir from coconut fiber, Palmyra from palm tree fibers, jute from stalks of plants, woven stalks of grass, cloth, rubber that is perforated or woven with wire, aluminum and metals. Modern designs made indoor doormats easy to the eyes and complement the whole décor of a given home or a commercial building.

    Indoor doormats functions as a welcome mat for your guests as well as stopping the dirt from entering inside and checking the moisture from entering your home or establishment. Doormats are usually placed at entryways to prevent slips and fall injuries providing a safe floor to walk on during rainy season or winter season. Therefore, in choosing indoor door mats, it is best to qualify your preferences based on your specific needs.

    Indoor DoormatsBut indoor doormats are not always tough looking. There are also those, which work as hard but look very beautiful and elegant with well appointed embossed design and carefully dyed fabric color. They are made from polypropylene material to scrape mud and dirt but can be easily cleaned with a water hose. Doormats such as these can be very helpful in heavy traffic areas around the home like kitchen areas and counters. Indoor doormats also helps protects your floors, provide solution to spills, and soil control.

    So pick out the one that is right for your needs. Heavy duty indoor doormats or elegantly designed, they can be beneficial to your home not only in keeping it soil and moisture free but also safe from slips and fall injuries. The only difference we know is the cost.


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  • Choosing Entry Rugs Based On Your Taste


    Entry RugsHow do you know what type of entry rugs will best complement your home and satisfy your taste? A well appointed home becomes very appealing when every part of the room is carefully thought of and planned. From the foyer to the kitchen, the landings and hallways, all are appropriate places for putting personal taste and accent. Sometimes it doesn’t matter if the home used such materials as wood, tiles, expensive stones or slabs, beautiful door rugs unmistakably adds depth of style, personality, color and feel to any home.

    Entry rugs are properly named because it greets the guests upon entering a certain room in a home. Personal preference usually plays such a big role in a room design and door rugs are known as the eye catchers especially if the rug’s design totally complements the whole look and feel of the given room.

    Contemporary entry rugs usually carry geometric or abstracts designs, scenes or shapes and best Entry Rugscolors varying from light, solid, subtle to extremely bright. While traditional entry rugs carry intricate designs in deep solid colors emphasized with linings or silver or glittery fabrics that reminds us of authentic eastern rugs classically known in India. So if your home or room décor is leaning toward modern or contemporary, door rugs that also carry modern design is best for you. And if your home or room décor is leaning toward traditional, door rugs that carry classic and intricate design is the best for your room. Still the rule is matching your entire room to your chosen entry rugs to gain the best eye catching entry way.

    So when shopping for your door rugs, keep in mind that your taste should  take note of the existing room design, size and shape because adding entry rugs could further enhance the over-all appeal or break the visual beauty of your home.




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  • Keep Families Safe with Indoor Floor Mats

    Revolutionary indoor floor mats make houses look elegant. Long before, floor mats were only used when necessary. When kids are playing inside the house, mats are being spread over the floor to protect them from hitting the ground and to avoid collecting too Indoor Floor Matsmuch dirt then it will just be rolled afterwards. Some think that floor mats can only be placed under the furniture like tables, chairs, and cabinets to protect the floor from being scratched. However, innovators of indoor floor mats today have transformed these items into stylish pieces and they seem almost like expensive carpets. The truth is, these can be good replacements for carpets!

    Decorative floor mats inside the house can be placed on living room floors, dining areas, bedrooms, and even in the kitchen – practically everywhere. If one is planning to buy one, there are many factors to consider when buying indoor floor mats. There is the floor size of the certain area in the house where one is going to put the mat. Next are the colors of the furniture, walls, and floors that the room has. Another is design of the mats to be bought. And lastly, the preferences of the family members about the particular floor mats they want to have inside their respective rooms.

    best Indoor Floor MatsThe area where the indoor floor mats will be placed is to be put into mind when choosing the material of the floor mats. For example, in kitchen and bathroom areas, the floors are always wet so floor mats to be placed here must not be made up of fabric. A good choice would be rubber or vinyl. Since mats on floors, especially in the receiving area, can trap in dusts that can harm children and can get stuck deeper, it is a smart decision to purchase another floor mat to replace the used and dirty mats. Every time people will walk or play on these indoor floor mats, these will bring them the ease that they will not slip or slide on floors.


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  • Door Mats Outside: Greeting feet with Open Arms

    Door Mats OutsideMost of the time, households forget to place door mats outside. They do not pay attention on what it can do as these protect their homes from mud and dusts coming from the garden or the roads where the foot wears of every individuals coming in – family members and visitors alike – and carrying all of it inside once they got in. For many that already have door mats outside their houses, some of them do not look at the design if these are suitable in their verandas or doorsteps. Other than that, putting doormats in front of any doors can prevent people from sliding on slippery doorways when it is raining.

    If door mats outside are real must haves then what are the things to be considered when buying these items? First of the many concerns is the color. The color of the doormats has to match the shades of the floor and walls. But it can also be contrasting so that it can be seen easily. Another is the texture for it has to be rough to the touch so that it can brush off the dirt from the soles of the shoes. Next, the materials the doormats are made of. Would it be made from textile, vinyl, rubber, or plastic? – it’s the best Door Mats Outsidechoice of the customer. Door mats outside bathrooms can prevent people from slipping once they got out after bathing. It can also be placed outside bedroom doors so that dirt will not get inside.

    There are also doormats that are specially treated with chemicals that can kill viruses and bacteria from dirt so the diseases they would bring will not enter the house. There are door mats outside that are customized. Moms can request the manufacturers of these products of how they want the doormats to look like. They can be floral, exotic, or with different patterns. It can also contain words or phrases like “Welcome” or “Home Sweet Home” to make all the people entering the house will feel at home. Door mats outside are essential so that people can take off the mud and grime outside before getting in instead of taking off the dirt inside the house.



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  • Entry Mat

    A mat helps protect your interior floors from dirt and moisture.  A large mat makes an ideal entry door mats indoor.  One with an abrasive surface can easily remove dirt, mud, snow or ice from shoes and other footwear, keeping your entryway clean and dry.

    Rubber doormats are great at the entryway because they are non-slip and contribute to safety at home.  Rubber mats are very useful indoors especially if you have a slick floor made of hardwood or tile.  A non-slip mat made of rubber is just the thing you need to protect your family from slips and falls indoors.

    Using a Mat Indoors

    • rubber door mats indoorUse a mat to keep the floor dry.  While some mats outside the front door are placed there to trap dirt and mud, door mats indoor are often made of absorbent material that will help keep the rooms inside your house clean and dry.  Some door mats indoor designed to absorb moisture while providing scraping functions.  You may want to use this type of hybrid mat inside your front door or in your garage.
    • Make sure the mat of your choice fits or matches your indoor décor.  You should also use a one that will not discolor or damage the floor.
    • Choose a one in dark or mottled colors that do not show dirt readily.  Expect your door mats indoor to get dirty quickly, as it is designed to trap dirt.  Because of this, you should look for one that is easy to clean.
    • Mats should be cleaned regularly to keep your home in pristine condition.  When doormats get dirty or wet, they won’t be able to clean your shoes and other footwear effectively.  It’s important to keep your indoor door mats clean to maintain the elegant looks of your home.  Vacuum your doormats periodically or shake them out.  Check out the washing instructions and see if your door mats indoor can be machine-washed.
    • Keep in mind that door mats indoor are not only functional but also decorative.  There are plenty of elegant and eye-catching designs to choose from.  Choose mats that will make your home look picture perfect.

    coir door mats indoorWhen choosing a door mat that you can use indoors, you have to pay attention to the material used.  They can be made of coir, rubber, bamboo, or polypropylene.  Coir or cocofiber is an eco-friendly material that comes from the coconut husk.  This natural fiber is very durable and resistant to salt water.

    It’s also important to pay attention to the size of the mat.  You do not want a mat that is too small or too large to use indoors.  Choose colors and designs that go with the décor in the room.  You want the doormat to make your home look more inviting.  With so many beautiful designs to choose from, it should be easy to pick the perfect door mats indoor to decorate your house with.

    personalized door mats indoorPersonalized Mats

    A personalized, monogrammed mat will give your home an elegant touch.  Personalized outdoor doormats with matching inside mats make a statement to guests and visitors at your home.  There are hundreds of designs to choose from, including customized family name doormats and mats to showcase your hobbies or pets.  You can have these unique door mats specially made to match your home décor.


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